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"Ken Hassman is the most wonderful indexer.”
- Karen Barkey, Professor of Sociology and History

Nice quote, right? But what does it really mean?

A “wonderful” index is a gift to a reader. It is a clear, concise and intuitive representation of what the author wrote, presented in a format that makes it easy for any reader to understand and use.

I’m Ken Hassman. Five years ago, after several years of mentoring with two of the most successful indexers in the United States, I launched Hassman Indexing Services with one major goal in mind: to create the most truthful and accurate guide to any author’s book, a road map if you will, that brings any reader right into an author’s world.

“Ken's indexes are accurate, thorough, and audience-appropriate. He's very focused on quality, meeting specifications, and maintaining a positive relationship with clients.” -Sara Constantakis, Editor at Gale

Over 500 indexes later, I am still devoted to that goal.

Author’s create, and publisher’s demand consistent high-quality content. A book’s index is no exception. I write indexes that are:

  • Specific and concise, so terms and concepts can easily be found within the pages of a book.
  • Intuitive, helping a reader find what they’re looking for, even if they don’t quite know what they’re looking for.
  • Cross-referenced with appropriate headings, subheadings, figure and table notations, and in accordance with specifically requested style guides.

“Ken is an extremely productive and conscientious indexer who has always impressed me with his industry knowledge and indexing solutions.” - Katy Balcer,
Hawkeye Indexing

Ten years as a school teacher left me with me a high degree of organization and goal-oriented skills. My communication ability, so necessary between indexer and publisher and indexer and author, is a strength all my clients can rely on.

I keep up with my growing business by working with a handful of indexers who are as picky and organized as I am. These trusted associates help me meet the tight turnaround and quick deadlines this industry demands.

“Ken is the person I always go to for my book indexes. He has always done a great job and on time, even under difficult circumstances or quick turnaround.” - Frank Scott, Project Manager, Aptara

If you have a book indexing project you’d like to discuss, write me at ken@hassmanindexing.com or call (916) 716-4848.

Let’s create something wonderful together.

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