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Per-page rates, the most common form of determining index cost, generally ranges from $3-$7 per page. Special projects may require additional fees and simple projects may cost less. Factors influencing rate include:

  • type of material (trade book, encyclopedia, scholarly book, medical/scientific, journal, database)
  • audience (general public, student, researcher, professional)
  • density of material (number of index entries per page)
  • indexable material (footnotes, illustrations, tables)
  • turnaround time (rush jobs might increase the fee)
  • number of indexes (multiple indexes - e.g. author, subject, first line, etc. - may require an additional fee)
  • dummy folios (will we be working with final proofs or temporary page numbers that will require conversion?)
  • embedded indexes

In order for us to be able to give you a firm quote on a specific project, we ask you, as much as possible, to please provide a short sample of the material, generally a chapter from the middle of the book.

Pages for evaluation may be emailed PDFs or a Word file. Please let me know it's coming!

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